From Ruminations

...Where did this girl get off, wanting to save the world, and looking for the opportunity in any clearly leashed pet stationed only a couple of yards from a very capable human being? I had given her a very generous chance to back off, and her presumptuous enjoyment of my animal had transformed into presumptuous concern for his well-being, simply because I hadn't asserted myself sooner. Well that certainly wouldn't happen again. Not if I had anything to say about it.... (A Proper Greeting)

...I slipped cautiously through the barbed wire, and, still a few feet from my patient, opened the collapsible bowl and let the remaining water fill it to the brim. Slowly, tentatively, I bent my knees and knelt by the creature. As I drew closer, her face contorted, creases of fear marking her soft black snout. I placed the bowl gently beside her furry cheek. “Shh,” I quietly intoned. “You'll be okay, little lady.”... (The Thirsty Cow)